Saturday, January 18, 2014

Project Two : iPhone Case

This DIY has a backstory, I had purchase a very similar case on eBay, waited a week for it to arrive(it was only a state away, it should not have taken that long), anxiously tore open the packaging and thought "huh, that looks really long." It was.  I'm not sure if it was made for a 5s or what, but it was not going to fit my phone either way, I have a 4s. So I was totally bummed, but while I was looking at it I thought "I could totally make that!" So I did...

Here's what you need:

Mod podge
A graphic or picture printed of plain printer paper
A plain phone case(you can get them on eBay for ridiculously cheap)
An exacto knife
A pen

First, trace around the case, and don't forget to trace around the camera
hole. Secondly cut your tracing out including the camera hole, cut it a little
smaller than what you traced. Then spread the mod podge over the plastic, and
lay your image down. Lastly, do two coats over your image for protection and luster.
If you want, add some glitter to it... bitches love glitter.

Wahh Lahh!
A super cute iPhone case made in less than fifteen minutes!

Also, I highly recommend listening to Riptide by Vance Joy while doing this project... SUCH a good song..

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